Notification is displayed but with no reason

Notification is displayed but without any reason to do so.
Benachrichtigung wird angezeigt jedoch ohne dass es dazu einen Grund gibt.

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So when you click review, all of these are blank?

All are blank! This is the problem.

I will create a bug report.

Thanks for bringing that to our attention. I have created a bug for it and will keep you posted once this is fixed. I appreciate your time and patience.

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Keep in mind that this would be a low priority bug report and our team probably will not get to it for awhile.

Surely that’s a bad joke? Your notification will no longer be noticed if something goes wrong! I paid 169€ for a service that does not seem to work reliably and is not repaired. When it comes to taxes, such inaccuracies are a no-go!!! Next year you won’t get any more money for another subscription if you continue like this. This is just ridiculous.

I hope you understand that all our staff is working hard in this growing asset class. We are working hard with connecting and testing API and patching other bugs from when an exchange changes their API. We are also working hard to bring improvements to the website and software to make it better and more user-friendly.

If you know anyone, we would use people to get more things done!
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Yes, but your basic functions should just work! I don’t know how you can’t understand that.

If a Binance, Bitpanda, Ethereum and Bitcoin have stored with you as an API, you can expect this to work flawlessly, right? That’s not exotic stuff!

Add each Shitcoin but neglect the basic functions and do not fix errors. Is this the way Accointing works?

We will get to your bug, I am just saying it may take a while because we have more pressing things right now and our manpower, time and, energy on are other features and such. This is why we are hiring, to get more manpower.

The hole time it looks like there is some error. You can’t be serious!? How should I check after many transactions thats everything is fine? I have to go to Step1, Step 2, Step 3 and Step 4!

This is not a solution! It’s just a temporary workaround!

What was the error you found?

Is the review tab still red? After fixing it?

How often do you trade? I personally check the review tab maybe once a month.

I check for problems if it indicates some problem but now I can’t be sure if there is one cause it is lighting up all the time!

Do you really asking me: “is the review tab still red? After fixing it?” ??? Exactly this is the problem! Do you kidding me? How unprofessional you are?! I don’t care how often you check this thing. Your service have to work like you promise on your website.


To give you a few insights:
We removed the ability to know how many rows need to be reviewed, so we currently always display it.
We did this because the load to get that information was too much for our servers when a lot of people were using it. We’re currently thinking about entirely removing the red dot and just showing the review button without it.

Sorry about this, but for now we can’t implement the review button as it used to be. The two options are showing the dot the whole time or just removing it entirely

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Your are talking about options… showing the red dot all the time is not a solution cause that indicates a problem ALL OF THE TIME. The second “option” is to remove the hole feature at the mainpage?! How do I know that something is maybe wrong? Taxes are not a joke in Germany! If you do this that way I think I have to leave your service and I think I’m not alone with this attitude.

You have to check for problems, not me! That is the job of your service and I pay for it!

No, we won’t remove the whole feature on the main page, we will just remove the red dot on the button.

As I said, we currently can’t do it otherwise, and you can still click on it to check if any transactions need to be reviewed. Of course, taxes are no joke and we’re sorry to hear this is causing issues, but having the feature enabled would cause way more issues right now.
The review section would be the same as before, just the red dot will be removed since this is causing more confusion than just not displaying the dot.

Thank you for understanding

@Pustekuchen @CptS

Don’t thank me for my understanding cause I don’t!

Like you explained to me there will be no indication at the main page in the future if some is wrong. How will I know if something is wrong? If the numbers are not plausible?! I have to click 5 times for every check! You can’t be serious?!

Wie du mir erklärt hast, wird es in Zukunft keinen Hinweis auf der Hauptseite geben, wenn es Problem gibt. Woher weiß ich, ob etwas nicht stimmt? Wenn die Zahlen nicht plausibel sind?! Ich muss für jede Überprüfung 5x extra klicken! Das kann doch nicht euer Ernst sein?!


But the worst thing is that this decelerated as “low priority bug” like @Matt told me. To indicates problems for the users are low priority?! If you don’t fix the problem I’m gone after this tax period. This service is very unprofessional!

We prioritize bugs based on how the users are affected. If, for example, the most common exchanges (Kraken, Binance, Coinbase,…) or wallets are having issues, those issues will be resolved before others because they have the highest priority. If we wouldn’t prioritize the issues, bugs that have a huge impact on the user would be solved after some less important issues or edgecases. Which clearly is not ideal. That’s why some issues are resolved within a few days or take longer to fix, it all depends on the priority.

We totally understand your frustration because of the review button, but we are currently working on multiple issues and are also trying to redesign the app and website, which takes a lot of energy and effort.

The review button doesn’t have a high priority, since the review feature can still be used, besides that we can’t change it for now because it takes too much computing power.

Edit: Don’t get me wrong you have a viable point and I agree with you that disabling the feature isn’t a good solution, but for now we can’t change it even if we want to. We will discuss this again with our team, but please be patient.

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Accointing takes functionality away for paying users! Every User will expect to get a notification if something is wrong and now you show it all the time → Everyone will think there is a problem.

If you remove it without telling it to the users → Everyone will think everything is ok. This is a serious problem for every user on your service too, right?

The reason for double checking everything are the bugs on your service. You can’t trust your service and you have to check everything from day to day.