No transfer fee for deposit

If you select deposit to an exchange you are not able to note down the fee.

For example you deposit 500 EUR to an exchange and you get 550 USDT for it and you have to pay a fee of 5 EUR for the deposit.

Hi @onono! Please provide further context: what exchange, wallet, etc are you referring to.

All exchanges.

If you classify a transaction as a deposit. You cannot define the transfeer fees.

(You buy Crypto with your credit card, you get a certain amount of crypto but you cannot enter the transactions fees for that.) This is important because the fees are tax deductible.


I’m not sure, whether it’s a bug or feature request…
@Rod : Dose it needs votes ?

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I noticed that when I import transactions using the spreadsheet I can add a fee with a deposit. When I use the NEW button directly in the ledger I cannot add a fee when making a deposit transactions. This almost seems like an oversight. This should be corrected. You should be able to add a transaction ‘FEE’ directly into the ledger. Its a lot simpler when entering one or two transactions vs doing the spreadsheet.

Hey guys! I understand your concern. Some exchanges and some wallets might provide the fees via the blockchain or API, and some won’t. To fix that, we have this solution available in the mean time (@mandangelmak- make sure you add it as withdrawal, and not as a deposit or order). I hope this helps out.

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