No rounding of BTC balances larger than 1

It appears BTC balances larger than 1 BTC are rounded in the Android app. Unfortunately, there is no way (I found) to show the exact amount of BTC I own to the satoshi (8 digits) other than going through all my wallets and exchanges by myself and add them.

Can you please turn off or make optional the rounding of balances.

Hi @pehpa! We show 8 decimal places for each token (in yellow it shows where you would find it in your app)

Hi Rod, thanks for the reply. That is exactly the place I am talking about. In my case, it shows my balance rounded to two decimal places: x.xx

This has not been the case when the balance was less than 1.00000000. But since it is lager, it is rounded.

Hi @pehpa! Let us take a look at it and get back to you shortly. Thanks for the feedback.

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