No purchase history transactions when it clearly shows there is

Back in September I decided to sell all my NRG tokens at Kucoin. So I send all my tokens from the blockchain to exchange and started the limit sells. I’m not sure why Accointing thinks there’s no purchase history where it clearly shows that I transferred enough and sold all the tokens.

If I do the math manually, there’s enough tokens for the sell including fees.

Is the error you are received seem to be the same amount as with the internals you made with that coins and the fees associated with that internal? That seems to be the bug that I have seen and reported lately for issues similar to yours.

There are actually more transaction like these… Here’s a simple one…
I put a total of $1050 to FTX.US, I spent a total of $1049.75

Yet, Accointing is complaining that I’m missing $3.126451

Hey guys, so for the fee issue, a fee in our system is actually a separate transaction in our software.
So let’s say you want to send 100 BTC to another wallet and it has a fee of 1 BTC to send.
The correct way to add this into our system would be the following:

Transfer 99 BTC with a fee of 1 BTC

A common issue is that users think that the fee is subtracted from the amount and will get this issue:

(This is just a hypothetical example with easy math to make more understandable.)

Please let me know if you are still experiencing this issue.

Hi Matt,

Yes, this is how I do it as well. I thought it was obvious. I believe FTX’s fee is taken from the bought coin (not with the USD).

Here’s what it actually look like in FTX

Also, there’s a lot of these missing funds in my other wallets/exchanges as well where I’m sure all funds are met.
Here’s another example:

I broke my LP and transfer 254.975859 USDC to wallet, swap 4,087.58329106 SAMO to 273.455244 which gives me 528.431103 USDC.
Yet, it is complaining that I’m missing fund for 253.981088 USDC

Btw, I’m using LIFO disposal method and Single tax method.

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