No More Full Data Set Report Generated

It seems that recently, the generated tax reports were changed and one of the critical ones that I relied on is no longer generated. Specifically, I used the Full_Data_Set_2021_HIFO_single_GMT-4.csv quite extensively to support some of the work I’m doing with NFTs. While I know there is an incoming NFT solution which I’m greatly looking forward to, is it possible to add this full data set transaction report back to the report tool?

I need to reference the comments I put on transactions in order to tie the NFT transactions together - it was a big reason why I am using this software in the first place. For context, I buy/sell dozens of NFTs every week, and I keep a running record of every NFT’s cost basis and proceeds for tax purposes. I pull all of the information out of the full data set report, and know which transactions belong with each other via the NFT IDs which I comment when I input the transactions, so I’m really hoping you can add this report back as a stop-gap until the full NFT solution is out.

Trust me, I’ll be one of the first people putting it to use because I would love to stop tracking all of this manually, but I need this report in the meantime.

Sadly this has been delayed until later in 2022 :frowning:

Interesting, I have not considered doing that before. So basically you need a tax report that shows you the comments made.

I believe the file you are wanting, you would have to select the File with a CPA option.

Thanks, Matt, I’m very happy to see that the full data set report I need is being returned under the “CPA” option. I should’ve checked there first before posting anything here. I am disappointed about the NFT solution news though - all this manual tracking of my NFTs is pretty time-consuming, so know that you’ll have one user who’s dying to put it to work whenever it’s ready for launch!

This can be closed

I am glad that we were able to find the file you were looking for :slight_smile:
I am going to close the post.

I am very sorry about the delay in the NFT solution. Personally, I am also excited about this implementation.

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