No crypto values showing

My portfolio value went from 1.9 million to less than 2,000. Seems that only dollars or stable coins are being added to the value of my portfolio right now… wth??

Man that’s a problem I wish I had xD Nah seriously tho - I just checked mine even tho I was just on there a few minutes ago, and mine is showing the same issue suddenly.

Edit: on dashboard. lookin at wallet view reflects fine

same here,in Portofolio Overview the total value is not real
I write this issue in the Telegram german channel

mine as well, missing all but stable coins and usd, on multiple computers and phone, all same problem, was working earlier today

Is this some sort of sadistic April Fools joke? :joy: :weary:

No,this is a real Problem and seems that more people have this issue

yes, same problem here. Since today morning. several devices. all the same.

Same here, mine disappeared sometime after 4PM PST

Same probleme here. Please fix this asap.

This is resolved for me this morning :slight_smile:

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