NMC Price not available before 4/28/2013

CoinMarketCap (CMC) does not provide Namecoin prices before 4/28/2013 but Namecoin does have an established market value since at least late 2011.

Classifying all mining, payment and other transactions as ‘OTC’ is not a viable option here. The whole purpose of using Accointing is to automate the process and differentiate between different types of transactions.

Coinmarketcap is not acceptable as sole single price oracle for any user who was involved in crypto before mid-2013.

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We do have ideas on how to handle this, however, it is nowhere near ready yet.
I have posted in that BTC article some ideas for a workaround for now.

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Okay, yes, it’s basically a duplicate of the BTC one, but I think the description here is more on point. I’ll copy it over and close it here.

The same issue obviously goes for other early coins like Litecoin (LTC).