NFT Transaction Classification


are there any workarounds on how to classify a “Minting” process for NFT’s?

Most of my Eth transactions are actually minted NFT’s. Some for free, some with a little price attached to it. How would I classify those?


Yes it is on the roadmap.
It’s not a simple chain integration. Therefore at best it would be available in 2 months unless we run into some bugs we need to iron out. :slight_smile:

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do you guys have a recommendation for how to track and record basis and gains on NFT sales for the moment? I have been using a separate wallet as “basis” and recording the outgoing minting or purchase transactions to that wallet, then an identical “Payment” going out, then depositing the sales gains there and then moving it to the real landing wallet, and tracking these things separately in a spreadsheet. Is there a better way?


Give us about a month and a half and we plan to release an NFT tracking solution as well as the ability to add custom coins if your system does not have it :smiley:

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