NFT Support still not available

You’ve been promising NFT support for months over months now. Most recently you even closed a ticket related to this even though the solution provided has nothing to do with NFT support.

Why is your team making false promises and pretending to be solving things that have not actually been solved?

I seriously have to think about switching to another service provider because everyone else is adapting to the market needs, but Accointing feels like it’s it stagnant forever.

Hey, @vortex78 the solution in that post is our current way of supporting NFTs and custom coins.
We hope to only improve from here, but this is our start to an NFT solution.

Hi Matt,

well, then at the very least I would expect a proper tutorial on how exactly it’s supposed to work. Because the screenshot that was provided is anything but self-explanatory. And judging from many of the other threads, I’m not the only one who see’s it this way.

Basically, there’s absolutely no benefit in doing it this way because it requires tons of manual labor which completely defeats the purpose of having a tool in the first place.


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We plan to write an article, we apologize for the delay.

Agreed, this solution doesn’t feel much better than keeping track of your NFTs and tax via a google sheets or similar.
I’ve just tried to use it and as far as I can tell it renders your portfolio tracking pretty useless as it keeps the purchase price as the current value unless you have more data recently with how much that NFT/custom coin is worth. Which obviously unless you buy/sell one from the same collection you won’t have. So it will show the value when you bought it until it’s sold.

I can live with not being able to track the portfolio in real-time as long as my buy and sell activity is properly reflected and I don’t have to input all the data manually. I already do that in Excel simply because Accointing hasn’t added a usable NFT feature yet (despite promising it for over half a year).

I want to be able to hand over a single report to the tax authorities. Having a separate assessment in Excel is neither good nor does it come across as particularly legitimate.

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Here is the video!

We understand this is not perfect and hope to only grow from here now that we have laid the foundation :slight_smile:

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