Nexo Integration

It doesn’t correctly import. Here, take a look.

Here’s my Nexo dashboard:

And here’s what Accounting shows after I upload my Nexo CSV:

I don’t see a way to upload the CSV file here, so I copied the contents into a pastebin. (You can either download it and remove the .txt at the end of the file, or you can create a new CSV file and copy over the contents.)

I hope this helps.

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Could you please do me a favor? Can you compare the cost basis of each individual token in vs Nexo? It might be the case that because we use CMC as our price provider, the output varies. However, for tax purposes, we would use Nexo’s cost basis. We do that to aim for accuracy in taxes and speed for portfolio tracking. Let me double-check with support though and get back to you.

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I’m confused because that sounds like a different problem than the one I’m having.

Nexo and Accointing should agree that I possess exactly x Bitcoin, y Stellar, and z NEXO. Regardless of how much I originally bought them for and how much they’re currently worth, Nexo and Accointing should show the same numbers for x, y, and z, but they don’t. That’s my problem.

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Hi @SquareBottle! Yeah but Nexo and I can recognize for example that you have 1 BTC worth 59,000 at date 01/01/2021 but CMC has another price of say 58,976 for 1 BTC on the same date.


I Just updated my Nexo CSV conversion vbs script to support nexo’s new CSV format and to support Fixed Term Interest

Convert Nexo.vbs scripts.

I use this to update my Nexo wallet by deleting the wallet and reuploading the 2 accointing templates that are created by my script. You need to manually edit the Exchanges template with the Amount IN and its ready for upload.


This sounds fantastic thank you so much how can i do it from a mac? as files arnt recognised

I’m sorry but this is intended to work on Windows PC’s. I do not have experience in coding for a mac so I can’t help you at this time. :frowning:


Below is a screenshot of part of a Nexo CSV file I just dropped into Accointing. The following line items in the CSV file do not show up in Accointing after the CSV upload. Obviously the crucial missing transactions are the “FixedTermInterest” deposits.

Will these be handled properly soon?


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We should consider, that switched to Long-Term lending periods (1-3 month) .
Perhaps you need to make adjustments to the acocinting CSV import for Nexo?

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Additionally as I can not create a new topic, as I am new here please open a thread with” integration,

wich is besides Nexo one of the most used lending/borrowing platforms.

I will try to add more threads on lending/borrowing services here in Europe once I can open them on my own.

thanks a lot for your work