Nexo Integration

Integrate Nexo API or CSV


would love to see support of Nexo.



This is on our to do list :slight_smile:


Yes, please add Nexo support via CSV or by another method,

Accointing will need to take into account that Nexo pays out daily and therefore could generate up to 365 transactions for a single year for a single asset.

For some Nexo users this might end up pushing their overall transaction count incredibly high meaning a higher payment plan is required.

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If the Nexo integration, similar to the Coinbase integration, gets underway, when is the ETA for the completion. Will it be available within the next 2 weeks for tax season?

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Pls intigrate nexo wallet and exchange


What is the ETA for this integration?

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Do please add this. Like someone previously answered, with dayli interested being paid, we will have to manually add 365 entries. I have no doubt also that nexo exchange will grow exponentially, given the advantages it has

Nexo creates one transaction per currency in your account. For example, if you have deposited USD, ETH and BTC then you will get 3 transactions per day one for each currency.

This will push you above the “500” transaction a year and into the Trader payment plan rather than Hobbyist.

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Nexo is important. Please support it.
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Hey @chemicallymark @just-another-uset @johan @progmans @Sebadtiansebb! We are working on it and coming soon.

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Hi Rod, thank you very much. And don’t forget They are the best provider since months on!

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This is good to know, thanks for following up.

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Please note that nexo doesn’t provide any API.

Also, the CSV export is incomplete concerning exchange trades made on nexo’s plattform. The CSV file does not contain the sold amount and sold asset of an exchange trade. Thus, it might become difficult to implement nexo in the near future, although I would very much appreciate it. :wink:


Thank you very much for the info @fberndt! We are aware of the issue and we hope to be testing this out soon.

In their last AMA they spoke about creating a corporate API.
Have you heard about it or are even involved with it?

Reddit AMA summary


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Hi @reployer! We were not aware of the corporate API. I believe retail is not ready yet.


Just thinking out loud. Since there is no API can we connect nexo via coin address like in Exodus? I would think this would be the fastest way to add Nexo support since with Exodus you already have the code for reading transaction info for the following coins that nexo holds:


All thats would be left to do work on are:
DAI - ERC-20
PAX - ERC-20

Since most are ERC-20 then the ERC20 option should work as well but may need additional work to account for all assets. I think I’m going to experiment right now and will post my results :grinning:

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Results of my testing.

I was able to get data using my various address but things went wonky for addresses that use memos. Connecting to ERC-20 addresses, DAI, NEXO and USDC were found, but other ERC-20 assets that I hold were not presented. Also Looks like transactions are missing.

so much for thinking out loud.

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I wrote a VBS script that converts the nexo csv dump into an accointing template for easy upload and updates. I have uploaded it to my Mega site convert_nexo_1.0.vbs
Things to know:

  1. To use this script simply drag your CSV file from Nexo on top of the VBS script and it will do its thing. It will place the accointing templates in the same folder where your CSV is saved.

  2. This script can create two accointing templates for you from your one CSV file. It can create an Exchanges only template and an everything else template. I did this because Nexo’s export is missing information on how much is being exchanged. You can edit the exchange template and manually put in the missing information and then upload. Also note the Exchanges template is a work in progress. I have not exchanged for all the assets. You may find that your outSellAsset is blank for an exchange. in the template. In the CSV file the Nexo doesn’t always use the Crypto symbol for the outbound asset. I can confirm that BTC, ETH, LTC, BNB, and Nexo will appear as I have exchanged for those. I have also made some guesses as to what they would use for the other assets so you may see others if I guessed correctly. For other exchanges, if you tell me what Nexo is listing in the CSV file I can add it. The only way to get this portion of the script correct is from community feedback.

  3. For those who have borrowed money using their crypto as collateral with Nexo, I have thrown all the background savings wallet to credit wallet transfer transactions plus the USD interest accrual on your loan balance as it does not affect your crypto balance. I did keep the liquidation transactions for loan repayment as that does affect your crypto balance. If your loan is in a FIAT currency other than USD please share your CSV export so I can account for it.

  4. Nexo now has Fixed Term and Flex Term interest accrual for cryptos. I just recently locked a few assets up with the Fixed Term program so I don’t know what the interest CSV transactions for this will look like. If anyone has completed a fixed term cycle, can you please share the CSV export so that I can account for it properly.

  5. When uploading to Accointing, I changed the dataset time zone to Pacific Time GMT-8 (where I’m located) from the original of GMT+1

Please share any feedback and enjoy the easier days ahead with Nexo and Accointing. :grinning: