New Type Of Wallet - Liquidity / Staking Pool Wallets

The idea is to have a new kind of wallet that would more easily let you connect coin transfers that go into a liquidity / staking pool. Currently you need to create a wallet without an address and manually add the matching deposit / withdraw transactions to link up the internal transactions for your coins. With this idea you create a new kind of wallet called ‘Liquidity / Staking Pool’ and it’ll ask you what coins are associated with it. Once you create the wallet and select the associated coins, similar to how it checks for internal transfers, it’ll then check all open ended transfers of the associated coins and ask if you want to connect them to the pool. By connecting the transactions to the pool, it will automatically create the internal deposits and withdraws to connect with the approved transactions.

I created a proposal for a feature request which would solve tracking value of LP tokens without the hassle of creating new wallets all the time! Please consider voting for it:

Possible duplicate in German.