New Token QUACK

I have a new token - QUACK. I think it was just launched a week ago. I see two separate bugs:

  1. You correctly show my 3 buy transactions, but you are not correct in the number of coins purchased. You are showing 99,999,999,999 coins (99 billion), when the actual number purchased is higher than that - (about 200 billion on each of my 3 purchases). I would like to be able to correct this value by hand. Thanks.

  2. You are showing a 0 value for QUACK. I would like to be able to enter the value by hand for the case where coinmarketcap does not have a value yet.

While I understand that I can wait for you guys to catch up - it would be better if I could simply make the corrections to the transaction - at my own risk - where your automated system has made an error.

Please read here:

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