New Pricing Model - December 17, 2021

Dear user,

We want to inform you that starting December 17th, 2021, we’re introducing a new pricing model together with a couple of upgrades to improve your experience with us.

We’ve noticed during our promotional periods that many of our loyal customers would like to purchase a package in advance or have shown frustration that they can’t access their former tax reports.

Below, we explain what this new model entails and give you information about the upcoming improvements. We also answer a couple of questions you might have about how this might affect discount codes, promotional materials, and referrals.

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1. What happens to previous packages? Nothing happens. They are valid until they expire. Say that you purchased an old license and you don’t exceed the transaction limit, you’ll be able to print out as many tax reports as you want. If you EXCEED the number of transactions from your LICENSE, you’ll be in need to buy a NEW package for the year you want.
2. I just bought my package (365-day license)-what happens with my license now? Can I still use it next year? You can use it until it expires or until you have reached the transaction limit. Once it expires, you’ll have to buy a yearly package. If you exceed the transaction limit, you’ll have to purchase a yearly package.
3. How does it work? What happens if I buy 3 years in a row? The interphase will allow you to see how many packages you have purchased, the expiration for each of them, and the number of transactions.
4. How do coupons work? Do I execute them per package or does it apply to all? Coupons will apply to all packages. We won’t be able to control it from the backend, but more from the communication side (Eg. We communicate that the coupon is specific for an early bird promo for a specific package.
5. How about referrals? How will that work? Will there be a one-time-only or is it per yearly package? Currently, every referred purchase is rewarded to the user who provided the referral link. As long as you, a referrer, provides a referral link, you’ll get the commission perenially.
6. Do new yearly packages ever expire? I don’t want to pay for the same package after a year No. Once you purchase the yearly report, you’ll have access to it forever. That means that if you want to review your yearly package (Eg. 2020 yearly report) 5 years from now, you will still be able to generate a report for that year 5 years from now.