New bug when creating an internal

Apparently there is a new bug.
If I want to create an internal, it will automatically be converted to a withdraw to an unknown recipient on the next refresh.

Hi Denfio,

I’d love to take a look at the issue. Could you help me in the debugging process by providing the steps that you took? I’m asking as internals can be created e.g. via the manual flow or via API, also did you use the Review pages to connect it or was the connection established by transaction-id?

Hi Can,

I had originally already created 2 internal transactions on March 6th, 2021. At this point everything worked as it should. When I logged in today, I saw that a withdraw was made from each of these two transactions. The transactions were created manually. I have tried to delete these transactions and create new ones, but after a refresh happens this bug occurs again and there is then no way to fix the error via the review pages. I’ve already checked.

Our engineers have identified an edge case behavior for certain fee scenarios and deployed a fix yesterday - sorry for the inconvenience!

Could you possibly test if the behavior is now working for you and otherwise reach out to with a reference to this thread.

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Perfect! :slightly_smiling_face: