NEED the ability to silence a "coin with missing buy information" warning

I have a missing buy info alert that cannot be solved. If I put in a deposit of what it is looking for, not only does it ignore that, but it also then throws a new warning because the reported and calculated balances don’t match.

Losing my mind. If the math comes out right for balances, perfect. Let me silence the “missing buy info” warning so I can get it off the Review button. And, let me lock old info so that it doesn’t get changed… its from past tax years and doesn’t matter anymore if there is a small value discrepancy in this super complicated accounting.

This may be related to a fee or missing data.

Hey guys, so for the fee issue, a fee in our system is actually a separate transaction in our software.
So let’s say you want to send 100 BTC to another wallet and it has a fee of 1 BTC to send.
The correct way to add this into our system would be the following:

Transfer 99 BTC with a fee of 1 BTC
Quantity: 99
Fee: 1
Balance Change = 100

A common issue is that users think that the fee is subtracted from the amount and will get this issue:

(This is just a hypothetical example with easy math to make it easier to understand.)

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