NEED 2FA sign-in for the Accointing site

Hello General Support,
I am sending this message because I strongly urge you to consider adding 2FA or 2 Factor Authentication for the Accointing site to all users. The reason why is that it will effectively increase security, which will give assurance to all users when providing sensitive information to their portfolio. I highly recommend Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, an SMS-based one-time password, etc. for the 2FA sign-in. Another reason is that every cryptocurrency exchange has 2FA, which protects users from sophisticated attacks from hackers stealing valuable information, so why not do the same for the Accointing site? If you’re not convinced, I found a 2019 report from Microsoft that concluded that 2FA works, blocking 99.9% of automated attacks. Given this report, I don’t want hackers to bypass my security without 2FA and steal sensitive information from me just like everyone else using the site, which will be devastating. So, with my reasoning and explanation, I hope your team looks into this seriously and adds 2FA for all of your users. Thank you, and I appreciate it!

Merging post, please vote here: Add 2FA for the Accointing site
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