Multiple Cardano (Yoroi) deposits/staking

Hi. I apologize if answered elsewhere. i couldn’t find it. Within a single Cardano stake pool address walet there will be unique “addr1…” wallet addresses for each deposit/transaction. So, when i enter my Cardano (yoroi) address it only captures the last deposit through the API and not other deposits in the same stake pool nor rewards. Am i doing something wrong? it isnt useful to just have it track one deposit. thanks

We got most ADA type addresses to work, However, some addresses, like the ones that start with ‘acct_’ are not supported.
Let me know if you find any other wallet formats that are not working!
Here is a list of the 3 address type we are able to support.
ADA addresses that start in:

Follow updates here:

maybe i am not understanding the correct way to import the data. So, withing Yoroi i have a wallet. That wallet had 3 deposits on different days into a stake pool.
when i add the last “addr1” address it only imports that one transaction but not the others nor the fees. in other words, how do i import all transactions within a yoroi caradano wallet address when they generate new addr1 addresses for each transaction? i tried using the controlled stake key (which i believe tracks each transaction within the wallet) but that isnt compatible. My controlled stake key starts with “a9e”

i will copy this to the other i just now saw. ok to close this topic. thanks

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