More Transactions

is it possible to import 2-5 Million Transactions?

At this time, no. Our max is 50000.

Can you please take this on schedule?

At this time most users have less than than the pro plan. It would take some serious upgrading before we could get to the point where we could do more in our system. We do plan to do that, but not until we are aways out.

Hi @Rudi !

We are planning on upgrading to a higher transaction cap but unfortunately it won’t reach millions of transactions in a long time. As Matt said for most of our users the 50K transactions cap is more than enough.

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Hi Eetu,

thank you for your reply. I would be happy for each raise, even if its just 100k or more, since I really like your product, but unfortunately I am bot trader and also have very many small deals. I think about summarizing daily trades or someth like that before importing to your platform.

Since this wont work with API’s I will have to transform API .csv to your template, do you maybe provide transition programs/makros from different exchanges to the template you use?

Another question, do you plan to integrate AscendEx API import soon?

Best regards

This is what I can offer you:

For AscendEx’s API vote here:

Ok, ty.

Another thing, I exported and erased data, now as I try to import, it wont work. Wouldnt it make sense to match the export format, so it fits for an import? Or can I so this somehow?

It should match, can you please send the file so that we can take a deeper look?

is a staking reward a transaction?
if i do a smart contract is one or more transactions?
when i look at my portfolio i have around 17,000 transactions, i traded more last year and got under 5,000 transactions.
where can that be?

I’m also a high frequency transactor. I’m running an oracle node on multiple L1 blockchains, which makes 1000’s of transactions per month on each chain – about 5,000 per month per blockchain at the moment.

My use case is: buy token on exchange, then transfer to wallet for node to use for fees. Each time my node mints a block a very small transaction fee is paid on the blockchain. Monthly I am rewarded tokens based on the blocks I mint. I need to take all debits/credits into account for accurate tax reporting purposes.

Your software works pretty good from my initial testing (minus one issue that I’ll post separately about), but if I’m unable to have more than 50k transactions, then I’ll have to continue my search for a system that can accommodate my needs. :frowning: