More Sorting Options

Portfolio gains (realized and unrealized) - be able to click heading to sort by highest to lowest, with filters, etc

that is what I need.

It should be integrated immediately.

I can support you in programming.


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Agreed, this is standard functionality on practically all other sites (as customers really need it).

Also a nice Feature would be to change the percantage Change in the overview section to : 1 day, 1 Week, 1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months, 1 Year

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I know that some people would also like to sort by their equity, the total amount in USD/BTC they have invested in a coin. You can do the math to see that data, but some users want to see it automatically.

I would find it really useful to be able to choose which parameters are shown in the Portfolio’s main table for each coin and then be able to sort that table thereby.

Currently I get Coin | Price and Percentage change | Total value and Total amount. Price and Percentage change are nice to get a quick overview of how the market/individual coin are performing, but Total value and Total amount are not metrics I find immediately useful. Personally I’d prefer to have Profit/Loss and Average buy price in that third column.

Given the limited space in the mobile app, there could be an option in Settings to change what is shown in the Price or Value columns into any other metric of choice from those available within each coin.

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I wanted to follow up on the sorting options feature request.

This was almost a deal breaker for me when deciding which portfolio tracker / tax reporting solution to buy, but I ended up going with Accointing in hopes that the sorting by column feature would be integrated in the near future.

If it isn’t too difficult, this would help take the portfolio tracking feature to the next level.


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Can’t believe it’s over close to 1 year since this was suggested, and it’s still open. This should be one of the key features of any accounting app.

We have hired more people and are training them so that we can get a lot done in Q1 2021! :smiley: So you should see things speed up.

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Please, add the total invested on each token/coin, based on the current holding (not historical). I know if you take the Value + Loss/Profit Value, you’ll get like the same but I prefer the number directly in a column. For people like me (holder / positional trader), it’s really important track the total investment in general an also per token/coin. I found a similar request here Money invested in individual cryptocurrency /total invested

Btw, I just discovered the total invested in general isn’t available either, so I can’t know how much I spent in my portafolio, hum. Any workaround? Thank you.