More Classifications

Hey Accointing Team,

is it possible to add more Classifications to the web app? Such as:

  • Approve contract (needed when approving the spend limit for staking on the ERC20 chain)
  • Failed (needed when the transaction failed)
  • Staking for Withdraw (needed when you send the funds to a staking address)
  • Foreign (needed when you receive funds you did not deposit yourself, e.g. when you are target of a dusting attack)

It would also be great if Staking would be a dedicated transaction type, so you are able to see the funds in your portfolio even if they are not currently in one of your wallets.


Hi @benedikturi! Thanks for the recommendations! We are currently developing a manual on how to classify transactions accurately. We will take this into consideration and implement them in case we can’t find a solution with the existing ones.