Money invested in individual cryptocurrency /total invested

I just signed up to accounting yesterday, have connected my coinbase account. I need support with how to find out the total amount I have invested so far and how much money I have invested in individual crypto currency. This is not straight forward I need to add the loss to the remaining to find out. Am I missing something here, need help please. Can this feature please be included if it is already not available.

In the top left, there are 2 portfolio options, let me know if that helps:)

Thanks for the reply Matt. Unfortunately that doesnโ€™t solve my issue. I want to know how much totally I invested originally and how much I originally invested in each coin. The portfolio tabs show how much I have now and my loss or gain, so I have to add to find out how much I originally invested. For the coins I have to multiply the average for each coin by the size of the coin to find out how much totally invested. It would be easy if these come straight somewhere in the page without me having to add or multiply each time.

I see, you want more info than the following:
Holdings, Price, and Net Profits.
Average Purchase Price. Price change, Value change, Loss/Profit
Remaining amount and unrealized gains.

You would like to also see: your equity.
Please vote here and add to the comments anything that is missing :slight_smile: More Sorting Options - #4 by kps007