Mobile Bug with Hide Balances option

When enabling hide balances option on mobile (iOS for me). When expanding the graph to see different time periods, the coin values are still displayed under the expanded graph allowing one to select to change which data the graph is showing.

Are you able to attach screenshots?

As you can the values at the bottom. It shows the amount you have per coin. Thus having amounts turned off is defeated if trying to look at different chart timelines

If I remember right, you cannot hid small values in the app, only the web version. Is this a feature request to add that to the app?

I’m trying to tell you ALL values in that area are showing. I’m not taking a screenshot of the value of my bigger assets and posting it on a forum. I’m showing you the lesser ones to demonstrate that they ALL are shown in this view

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I think I understand now.
This is what you are saying: When you select to hid balances on the app, you can still see the balances when you click a specific coin.

I will report this, thank you!