Missing Segwit transactions when importing wallet via xpub


I imported my wallet data from my Ledger Nano S via the xPub key from the Ledger Live wallet. But I can only see the transactions which were via a normal transaction. The transactions I sent to a segwit address are not showing up.

Am I doing something wrong?


I’m also not seeing any of my transactions showing up from my BTC xpub from my Ledger. I’ve had to do them all manually. It shows the account value, so clearly it’s reading something from the blockchain, but it isn’t reading the transactions themselves.

Yeah, finally I did the same. Hopefully it get fixed in the future.

I think segwit keys should start with ypub, not xpub. Try to use the same key, just replace the xpub with ypub and maybe it will work?

Nope. I get a message, that his key is invalid, when I swap the x for the y