Missing "Missing Funds" for small differences

Coins with small differences (“2. Total balance reported by the exchange vs calculated balance in Accointing (Current balance check)”) are not shown in missing funds tool.

I guess this behavior is a feature not a bug, but please make it configurable.
I have multiple small amount deposits (referrals) on Binance (e.g. 0,0001 SAND or 0,002 ADA) that were not imported correctly in the past. This makes it really hard to find missing transactions.

Missing funds tool should show all differences between balance reported by the exchange vs calculated balance. At least there should be an option to fade out small balance differences by default.

Please see here and let me know if you still need help :slight_smile:

I will also submit your feedback, thank you :slight_smile:

The article is just explaining the concept used behind the missing funds tool. Actual balance is what I called “balance reported by the exchange”.
My issue using the terms from the article: small differences between actual balance and calculated balance are not shown in the missing funds tool.

So the Missing Funds tool in Step 4 of the Review section only shows the calculated balance missing funds. For example, if you sold $100 of USD for a coin, but the system does not have a deposit for $100 so it has no idea how you got it.

So your feedback would be to create a thing in the review section that listed all the yellow dots for each exchange/coin? For example something like this, but listed out?

Wait it already does do that in step 4, can you explain your feedback to me?

Yes, the “yellow dot” is just a flag of the missing funds in the wallets section.

The problem is pretty simple, and is described in detail in my initial post:

To make it more clear: very small differences are ignored. Small in regard to the decimals, not the value in $ of the difference. E.g. a difference of 0.0001BTC is ignored, but a difference of 0.001 BTC is marked as missing:

Just create an empty wallet with a single withdraw to reconstruct the issue.

Oh, I see what you mean.
I have a tiny amount of Harmony (ONE) in my Binance.us account.
It reports that I have it on Accointing, but there are no transactions for it in the Full Data Set. Therefore should have a yellow dot.

Let me see if this is a feature or a bug. Because it seems to have a yellow dot if there the value of the coin is more than $1 USD worth.

Any updates on this issue?

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The team just got back with me to confirm that this is indeed a bug and not a feature.

Thanks for bringing that to our attention. I have created a bug for it and will keep you posted once this is fixed. I appreciate your time and patience.

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