Missing Funds Issue

I am currently experiencing an issue with the missing funds tool on my Accointing account.

The tool is showing that I there are 3 errors in total. 2 of these issues are related to a currency with the title of NaN. It says the missing amount is around 1 Bitcoin per transaction for a total of tens of thousands of dollars. No transactions in my account are near this amount. I previously tried to reconcile these transactions, however it messed with all of my statistics. I removed the reconciled transactions, and my dashboard returned to normal, but the errors once again appeared up on the missing funds tool.

There is also another error showing that there is a missing amount of Bitcoin. I ran the numbers and this error should not be appearing as the funds are there.

These are all errors relating to transactions in late 2017 on Coinbase. I have just recently imported them. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Hey @Zacharyreid53 are you able to send me screenshots of your errors?
Do you know which coins you bought in 2017 that are showing up as a missing token, and which wallet/exchange they were purchased on?

Bitcoin and they were purchased on Coinbase, which is the account that I am having the issues with

How have you connected your Coinbase? Through a live connection where you signed in and gave permission to read the data, or manually?

I assume you have already tried to refresh your wallet?

Are you able to send screenshots so that I can see your perspective?

I have attached a screenshot of the issue. The account is connect via API, however the transactions connected with the issue were manually imported. Thanks!

Hey @Zacharyreid53 , it seems you attached the photo as an email attachment, I cannot see that, can you click the Visits Topic button and then attach the photo directly to the post? Thank you :slight_smile:

Thank you @Zacharyreid53 , sorry about the email thing, I see your screenshot now.

Is it possible that some exchange you used in 2017 you have not added to Accointing yet?
Does your total amount in for Coinbase match the value of the Coinbase website? IF so maybe it is worth just leaving it be, but I do have some ideas.

So you tried to automatically reconcile these 3 transactions automatically.

What I would do, personally is try to find these trades on Coinbase’s website and compare it to your full data set and see where the issue is.
The other thing I would try is manually reconcile these transansations since the automatic one did not work. Add or remove the missing amount of BTC and NaN.

Also, do you know which coin this NaN is? Is it this one? NanTrade price today, NAN live marketcap, chart, and info | CoinMarketCap

Hey, @Zacharyreid53 does this sound like a similar issue? Coinbase (not PRO) Balances do not match - Reconcile not working - #4 by Matt

It does look fairly similar. I went in and just removed the transactions and resynced the account. It seems to be working fine now. Thank you!

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