Mining information is being double counted from coinabase

I dont know if this is because it comes into coinbase and then is automatically transferrd to my coinbase wallet. How can i get support on this?

We noticed an issue with Coinbase Pro, but not a normal Coinbase.
What coin are you mining? Can you add a photo of a duplicate transaction from the Full Data set?

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Hi here is the image. Two images one is my manually recording of what I have actually mined and the second is from Accointing Full Activity which says I have mined 3.43 ETH. I think this is something to do with it coming into Coinbase and then transferring to Coinbase pro.

Sorry it would not let load up two images

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This is manual record
Acutally Mined

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How do you have Coinbase connected? Is it a LIVE connection?
How do you have Coinbase Pro connected? Is it an API connection?
Thank you for these photos, can you also send me a photo of what it looks like on the Full Data Set from the Accointing software so that I can compare?