Metamask Wallet import via ETH blockchain API shows wrong values / tokens

For one of my ETH wallets (Metamask) the transaktions imported for ETH blockchain via API show wrong values or tokens. It seems that these problems were introduced recently

  1. Tokens from BSC (Binance Smart Chain) which should only be shown on BSC wallet are shown
  2. Wrong ETH value (differs from value shown on etherscan)

I see part of your issue, my MetaMask is picking up my BSC coins as well

Our Metamask integration is under maintenance right now to add different blockchains besides just ETH, let’s see how this look tomorrow :slight_smile: In the meantime I will contact the people working on it and let them know :slight_smile:

Also, Accointing get’s it’s coin data from CoinMarketCap, not etherscan.

With the second point I actually meant that the wrong token amount for ETH is shown. This is determined by the blockchain, not CoinMarketCap.

The ETH amount shown in the Wallet import differs from amount shown in Metamask (or etherscan).

After deleting the Metamask ETH Wallet and then creating a new one with a fresh import the problems seem to have dissappeard. :slightly_smiling_face:

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