Metamask Shiba Inu balance

So My Shiba Inu balance is reported on Accointing as 50% less than my Metamask wallet and are reporting. This is a difference of about $7K US. There are some other discrepancies as well with my other Mestamask wallets and Safemoon token balances. Accointing is showing a balance when there isn’t one, as they were lost. As I recall when I set up the Metamask in the wallets page I use the wallet address and then it should report the same numbers, right?

Can you refresh your wallet on Accointing?
Is your USD value wrong AND your total number of coins wrong, or only the USD value?

In the meantime, please consider these 2 feature requests and let me know if they are helpful for your situation:

Ok I’m a dummy…It’s not my Shiba Inu balance it’s my Saitama balance. And I have been resetting my wallets over and over. I have even removed them and reconnected. It seems that the Accointing app is having trouble with the purchasing and transferring. As internal transfers are needing to be placed manually.oh and it’s the number of coins that are wrong not the value. The first image is from my Accointing account. As you can see the transaction hash matches but the balance does not.

Screen Shot 2021-10-29 at 6.15.45 PM

It seems that because you have transactions in your wallet of more than 1 trillion coins in one transaction, our system does not support it.

Please look at the workaround temporary solution in this post and see it that helps - VOTE for TRILLION token quantity

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Ahh I see okay then

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