Metamask Polygon Network

Please add Polygon network support. This is quickly becoming a hot network due to super low fees and most major DeFi apps support Polygon, such as sushi, curve, etc…

In Metamask, I can switch network from Ethereum to Polygon, the address stays the same. I tried to add this address to Accointing’s “Polygon” wallet, but it didn’t work, that must be something else.

Your Metamask support already allows for ETH and BSC networks. Please add POLY :smiley:

Yes please add Metamask Polygon network support! I thought you said you added support for tracking addresses on the polygon network, but it seems to still not work and only show errors for any address imputed. I have to continue to hold off on purchasing Accointing despite really wanting to since it still can’t support tracking any defi transactions on the polygon/matic network and we need those to be easily recorded for tax purposes.

hey guys, you should be able to copy and paste your metamask DOT address into Accointing.

We are talking about Polygon/Matic, not Polkadot.

Having said that, I tried your instructions and selected Polygon, but it says “Invalid Address”

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Will you please try again. We put out an update for Polygon/Matic last Friday that should have fixed the issue :slight_smile:

Nope, neither method works, i get the same results as before

  • Add Polygon wallet: “Something went wrong”

  • All Metamask that is on the Polygon network: “Please switch metamask network to ETH or BSC”

Thank you, I created a personal Polygon address myself to help in testing. We are working on it now :slight_smile:

Polygon / Matic wallets are now working!!!
Send me a list of unknow currencies and I will add what is aviable on CoinMarketCap!

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:clap: It’s working now!! Thanks Matt! I don’t have any coins that are on coinmarketcap, but i do have a lot of LP / Staked coins. I imagine most people with Polygon account will be in similar positions. Sharing screenshot here for reference, would be nice to eventually see some of these, especially the bigger ones, such as DFYN-LP, or the SUSHI LP ones on Ethereum, etc…

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Hey Matt,
Thanks for the update! I was able to connect Accointing with my Metamask account holding Polygon Chain. As requested, here are a few items not working correctly.

  • LP is not identified correctly. I have a WMATIC/ USDT pool on quickswap. Accointing shows WMATIC balance and 0 USDT balance rather than LP Token.
  • Tokens locked in AAVE must be manually entered, which is fine however there is no way that I can find to identify borrowed tokens (debt) in AAVE. Is this supported?

Thank you to you and the team for all your hard work!! I’m sure this was not an easy task.


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Thanks Matt!! Its working for me now as well. Now I just have to figure out what some of these random currencies are. Some are junk airdrops that we can ignore but others are LP or guage tokens that need mapping…

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Hey guys, Any coin on CoinMarketCap, I should be able to add to our database.

For LP’s please read the following:
Liquidity Pools: below is a link to a blog post about the topic, staking pools would be handled the same way as liquidity pools.
Some Staking Articles in The Hub: You searched for staking - The Hub on

Also consider voting for these:
Manual entry of tokens: Manual entry of tokens (those not listed on CoinmarketCap)
Missing currencies: Use CoinGecko API For Missing Currencies

If you have any more questions, please create a new post :slight_smile: