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I currently use a single MetaMask wallet address to interact with DeFi on a number of different networks (Matic/Harmony/Fantom/BSC/xDAI/Ethereum).

Can you please add an option on managing a MetaMask wallet to filter transactions to those on a specific network so that I can add individual wallets for each ecosystem please? The MetaMask import is one of the best working on Accointing and not having to manage manual entries for non-Ethereum MetaMask transactions would be excellent.

Thank you!

Instead of selecting “Metamask” when creating the wallet, select what network its on then put in the Metamask wallet address into it. I use Metamask but create 2 wallets instead one for the Ether network, and one for the Binance Smart Chain network. Everything on both networks gets uploaded automatically that way.

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Thanks for the tip - but if you want to create the network “Harmony ONE” for example, there is no option for this. It works with Binance Smart Chain as I think it recognises that separately regardless. MetaMask can work with more chains than Accointing currently cater for as direct wallet types like BSC. So this request still stands please.

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oh sorry, i was unaware other networks were supported with the Metamask wallet type. From my experience Metamask was just an ether wallet only on Accointing, as that was the only one i noticed it having automatic import of transactions for.

I would vote for the following:



I would create a feature request for this and let people vote for it :slight_smile:
You could do what @alantbarlow suggested since it is already supported.


Already available as well, as you know :stuck_out_tongue:

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