Metamask Chains not supported

Blockchain technology is moving fast past ETH and BNB. We not have new metamask chains that need support like Fantom, AVAX, MOVR, Moonbeam, Polygon. Could you please add support to these chains through metmask.

Also Near Blockchain is growing fast, and has not support here.

I also have found parachain auctions are not supported. Is there way to add that also.


Each blockchain will need to be voted on separately for integration.

Vote here for Fantom: Please add Fantom (FTM) blockchain
We already support AVAX, please copy and paste your address, we will get it connected with Metamask as another option shortly :slight_smile:

Do the same with Polygon.
Please create a feature request for Near Blockchain :slight_smile:

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So, you said you haev support for AVAX. How to import that? There is only an option for ETH and BSC when importing data from Metamask.

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Can you check with your Dev how your (evm) blockchains are implemented?

I’m a dev on ethereum so I know ALL evm blockchains are exactly the same. There is 0 reason to make separate implementations. Take Fantom: I can download the exactly same .csv files for fantom as for ethereum on etherscan. Near Moonriver Moonbeam Optimism Arbitrum, they’re all EXACTLY identical. If you had the option to upload etherscan .csv (you might already pull data from etherscan), then there would be a very easy workaround (just upload the files as if it were ethereum).

Alternatively add just the .csv option from etherscan, and you’re suddenly supporting practically all blockchains from 2021 (minus solana and cosmos chains).


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@barnesmg to add AVAX, instead of adding it under Metamask, search for AVAX and copy and paste your metamask address there, and that will track it for you :slight_smile:

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