Metamask and wallet in accointing not syncing

Just starting transactions in 2022. For the first time, my metamask balance and my accointing metamask wallet balance do not match for ETH… More importantly, the accointing wallet is not recognizing the mismatch. Usually you would get a yellow dot indicating a problem. I have no yellow dot in the accointing wallet, which I know is incorrect. I have tried to update several times and refresh, no luck. did some swaps on uniswap, they show up on my transactions list as swaps. Is this the missing source of eth, the transaction not accointing correctly/ How do I fix?

Same here, my metamask bsc wallet is not in sync with accointing portfolio, i have a 100k of a token but accointing showing i have billions of the token. Also noted a few wrong valuations/prices for some tokens over-bloating my balance as a result.

Can you guys both DM me with your public wallet addresses where I can take a look?
Please also tell me which blockchain you are using (Since one is using ETH and the other is using BSC).

You could also go into your full data set and manually edit the data to set it right.