Max Coin Limit Reached

When doing a swap transaction with a dollar amount of only $662, the max coin limit has been reached indicated in the following pictures…

The above picture shows a swap transaction of 1 BNB for 99,999,999,999.00 MILK.

According the the picture of the actual transaction, that number of milk should have been 178,580,408,480.486777924 MILK.

i tried changing the amount and creating a new transaction and it always changes to 99,999,999,999.00 MILK, which makes me believe that is the max value a transaction can have. This bug definitely needs fixing since it effects the accuracy of the service. Plus that was just done with a low dollar amount, imagine if it was done with a number 10 or 20 times that high.

Hello. There’s a request for this feature to be added: *
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22d - Currently, Accointing can support more than 99 Billion tokens. There are many tokens with Quadrillion supplies now, so please increase the limit. Love, Tom Jones