Matic Wallet support

Please add support for matic(polygon) wallets

Kind regards

Hi @Klauwz! Matic is now Polygon. We have added support for Polygon in the platform.

Have this gone live? Can’t find matic nor polygon when searching for wallet.

Same . @Rod I ment to import my matic/polygon wallet address.

Sorry guys for the misunderstanding @amber @Klauwz. We support the token. Not the wallet yet. Let’s get some votes on this one!

Yes, please add the MATIC wallet feature!


Hey guys! It’s here: Accointing - Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracking & Tax Software

I didn’t get it? You linked the ETH wallet functionality?

Hey! Nope…here:

ah okey, it just imports the same data which is in my metamask… :frowning:

This is not working, it just import the eth’s transaction instead. Likewise for all “via ETH” tokens which have wallet.

Ok guys. Seems like we need to add the explorer then. Could you please vote on it here: