MATIC amount not being reported right under Polygon

I have added a MetaMask wallet address as ‘2 wallets’ for both ETH Mainnet and Polygon network.
Have various coins in each… it appears everything that is well known is reported correctly except for POLY(MATIC) coins under the polygon side are reported as an incorrect number (about 1/1000 of what they are but not just a decimal move)

There are a couple of other lesser known tokens/coins not being reported at all under Polygon

Hey @BATShatner are these coins that are notbeing track appear on your review page in the top right? If they appear there, then it is working correctly.

Can you take a photo of this page [Step 2: Unknown currencies] for me please?

I have also the problem with a metamask address in the polygon network. Only MATIC coins are on this address. The balance of the MATIC coins shown in the wallet is not correct

Hey, would you be willing to send us your public addresses so that we can take a look? If so then please fill out the form :slight_smile:

In the form please also leave a link to this post so that we have background context :slight_smile:

Ticket submitted w/public address

Thanks for the help Matt

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I have the same question. How is it possible, to add the polygon-chain-wallet in Accointing?
2nd Question: Is there support for Aavegotchi Items stored on the polygon chain.

Thank you!