Mapping currencies -- Cannot set "ignore" column to "No"

I have assigned the correct symbols to some unrecognized currencies in the Review section. The problem is that the “ignored” column is set to “Yes” by default, and clicking “No” does nothing, it always stays “Yes,” therefore these coins are not being tracked on my portfolio page.

@ryan, I’ve noticed this as well and find it confusing as the currencies do show up on my portfolio page with values showing? I’m not sure if they are counted in the total though (too many to manually add up and see if they are). Not sure if you’ve seen this as well or whether they do not show up for you on under holdings on the portfolio overview?

In any case slightly confusing

They are showing up in my portfolio today, but were not previously. It’s a bug nonetheless. I also have not tried to verify if they are counted in the total.

Had the same issue. It appears to be resolved now. Thanks!