Many tokens randomly showing incorrect values

All of a sudden, incorrect values are being given for my total number of tokens. These are for tokens that were added manually, so this is not an API issue. The transactions are correct. For example, today when I logged in, NEXO and INJ tokens are showing double the quantity that I actually have. This appears to be a glitch. Please fix! Also getting randomly wrong quantities for BNB and BCH, but it doesn’t always show up. What is going on?!

Hey @rob please see the solution to this post:

If you are still having issues can you please send us screenshots of your issuer either here on the community board, or privately here:

Hi Matt- Thanks so much for your response. Strangely, this issue seems to have resolved by me removing transactions and re-adding manually. The data did not change and there were no duplicate transactions. I will let you know if it recurs.

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I believe we resolved a similar issue in our system so when we fixed that, it may have also fixed your issue :slight_smile:

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