Manually match internal transactions

It would be really convenient to be able to manually select 2 transactions and ‘match’ them so they can be classified as Internal if they are outside of the 6 hour window that the auto-detect feature uses.

Here is my scenario: I had sent funds to a smart contract so they could be added to a liquidity pool, but I wasn’t included in that round, and I eventually ‘reclaimed’ my funds back a week later. The balance of my ETH never changed so it shouldn’t be a taxable event, so I don’t want any of the deposit/withdrawal classifications. I also don’t want to just hide the transaction since there were gas fees associated each way and that would throw off my balance.

The best route currently seems to be to create a custom wallet and add transactions manually so they are detected as internal, but that is a little cumbersome. I think finding a way to make them internal is the best long-term solution. I’m sure there are many other scenarios like this.

Yes, we are always improving the Internal Transactions :slight_smile:

Liquidity Pools: below is a link to a blog post about the topic, staking pools would be handled the same way as liquidity pools. Liquidity Pool Transactions - The Hub on

Here is the breakdown of classifications: Crypto Tax Classifications : Accointing AG
Here is how you are taxed per classification:

Thanks Matt! The USA crypto tax classifications post you linked is fantastic, but it only lists liquidity pool income on there. Would it be possible to add more information on whether a jurisdiction considers LP enters/exits as a buy & sell event, as your article mentions?

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Let me ping @alantbarlow for this question :slight_smile:

As stated in the Liquidity Pool article, the only place that treats those transactions as separate buy/sell events is Germany. Every other place that we support so far, including the US, should use the method described in that article. If this ever changes, we will update the article to note the changes.

If you would like tax advice on this subject, you are always welcome to reach out to They are our US tax partner.

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