Manually Add Token from Smart Contracts

Dear Accointing Team,

i have some Withdrawals and Deposits which i cant classify properly.
ETH was deposited into a smart contract, other Token was bought from it,later traded back to ETH.Classification should be a SWAP. Problem is, i cant add the Token from Smart Contracts because its not on CMC /Coingecko (and never will). How can i fix this? Didnt created a TAX Report yet, maybe i can still change it there?

Here are some articles to consider, and our team is also working on a new thing to allow custom tokens in the following months, though it will be a while until it is fully tested and ready to publish.

Liquidity Pools: below is a link to a blog post about the topic, staking pools would be handled the same way as liquidity pools. Liquidity Pool Transactions - The Hub on
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