Manual entry of tokens (those not listed on CoinmarketCap)

The months tick by and still nothing.

It’s been 15 months and counting.

Up to 130 votes now…moved up into a solid second place on the list with the post having by far the highest number of replies (119) and number of views (3.7k)…so why is this not being actioned appropriately!?

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As has been posted before, a couple of posts are similar and have the same theme. Coins not supported or no ability to manually adjust:


Hi Matt, will this be before the 18th April 2022

Hey guys, so there have been delays due to sickness without developers.
We are working hard on this.

On the chance that we do not get this done before USA tax seasons, please create a ticket if you need help and tell us your issue and we can work hard at finding a solution for you.

If you would like to get help from another person in the community, please ask in our Discord.

  • Wenn du Hilfe von einer anderen Person aus der Community erhalten möchtest, frage bitte in unserem Discord.

  • Wenn du Unterstützung von einem offiziellen Teammitglied erhalten möchtest, erstelle bitte ein Ticket.

I see you’ve marked this as the ‘solution’ but I’d honestly be quite pissed off if this means you close the topic. Today, there is still no solution, so I’d appreciate if we keep this topic open until there is an actual working solution in place!

If I may suggest, why not look at collaborating with NFTBank? It seems other crypto tax software suites are doing it - this would at least help on the NFT side of things (albeit not with missing or wrongly linked currencies).


Sorry, I only marked it as ‘solved’ so that it would appear on top. We are still working on this.

I remember that you promised here (can’t find the post) that it will be definitely available before April 18th
Sorry guys, but on which other priority projects you are working right now?
Pls explain!

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We apologize, Developers got sick and are able to work on it again, as well as when the war started in Ukraine, some of our developers were there, which caused unforeseen delays.
We have to take time to get this right. We are dealing with people’s taxes here.
We want something that is accurate and ready to go instead of a half-done but published.

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This topic is very old already. It was always like, there are more important features to develop on first, or promises to be available by a special date. And now it is due to developers that got sick and because of the war. I don’t wanna say that this is not happening. But I am stuck with entering my transactions since mid of last year, because of tokens not available, or tokens bought at prices before they became available and for that reason i don’t have a buying price. there are hundreds of tx i still need to enter and i still don’t know if i really can use Accointing for my crypto taxes! I am a paid subscriber!

i think you know it is not very likely, that users will do their taxes for just 1 year on another platform. so it is a general decision with which tool you want to stick.

again my question! when can we expect to get this feature? it will take me several days to enter all my tx’s as soon as this will be possible.

do we get our costs refunded, if this feature will not be available in the next weeks? or will we get an additional free year of a subscription for 2022 as compensation, if we decide to stay?


For questions about refunds, please submit a ticket.
We plan to get this out soon, however, the USA tax deadline is approaching, please submit a question if you need help with the current system.

Can we get a timeline in like at least days/weeks/months until it will be out?


v1 of custom tokens is live!!! Go check it out!!!
Here is an example!


Now that we have laid the groundwork for this, we will be able to do more, thank you guys for sticking with us!

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That’s great news!! Quick question: do you plan to add this option to the custom CSV/Excel import template?

I have a few dozens of internal transactions with custom tokens.

This is currently not usable for me, because internal transactions are apparently not supported yet.

Nice! Thanks

If you need more help with this issue please submit a request here.
Please also leave a link to this form for background context.

Actually, you can! :smiley: Please go to your Full Data Set and hit “New” and you can insert an internal with custom tokens :slight_smile:

Nope, I am not able to do that.

My bad, this is still in testing, sorry about that.

No problem.

I already asked this on TG without success, now you said “still in testing”. So it does mean, that its close? So we could say: Rather “weeks / a month” than “next year”? Do you have a (rough) estimate?

For me the custom tokens doesn’t work at all. I’m doing some tests where I’m trying to add in an ‘order’ to buy the nft as well as ‘deposit’ in case of a free mint, but in both cases the system doesn’t allow if I put a value of 1 for what I’m adding. This means it’s still not useable to work with NFTs (outside of the fact that I would have to manually redo every transaction that has involved a NFT which is not feasible).

Given that there is no outlook to a solution I will have to go and try another provider to see if they have proper NFT integration. I do hope you can make it work as I like Accointing most (and have all my data here). It would just be great if you could make it work so it also recognizes NFTs. As of now, I can’t use this for tax purposes as it gives an incomplete and wrong picture. :frowning: