Manual entry of tokens (those not listed on CoinmarketCap)

We plan before the end of Q1 2022, before tax season is over in the US.

Right, so anyone outside of the US is screwed then. I’m not waiting until the end of Q1 2022 for this only to be told it’s delayed again and I’m left high and dry. I’m out of here, getting a refund and moving to Koinly.

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I am so sorry to see you go, we would love to have you back.
Remember that portfolio tracking is free, it only costs to print a tax return. Therefore feel free to keep your transactions on our system in case you ever would like to return.
We hope you reconsider and that we get this done in time for you to use us for your next tax return in the US.
Please email the team about refunds:

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Just Like “ianrobbo10” I am outside of the US also.

Is there a chance to deploy that feature before the end of Q1?

At this time it looks like before the end of Q1 2022, and before US taxes are due.

We currently have higher priority projects that we are working on at the moment but have this project along with other highly requested projects on our roadmap to be worked on as soon as possible.

It’s a pity that we have to wait even longer for this.


I hear you and agree Crypto is in the early phase and there is a lot of learning to do. But at the end of the day Accointing is not liable for paying the taxes due.

If the Accointing software / database records the data incorrectly then the user will either over or underpay taxes. There are numerous issues. This manual entry of tokens is one of them. Incorrect average buy prices is another. Each of these have massive cost implications.

I concur with having a voting list but there should be biweekly or perhaps monthly reviews of the items in the list and an Accointing leadership team works on which proposals get followed with reasons why they should be jumped ahead of others. Some integrations or manual options are far more important.

The arguments for why I put in this post at the end:


you are right. in the end, the tool does not what it should do. that is, enabling people to create their tax report. and some people cannot do that, because of no option for manually adding token. :neutral_face:


@Matt Happy new year Matt. I need also custom crypto currency support for instance to add my VWV (StellarExpert | Stellar XLM block explorer and analytics platform) trades on Stellar. It’s not listed on CoinMarketCap or Coingecko.

When will this feature be available?

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We had a meeting about this and the best way to proceed :slight_smile:


Any outcome of the meeting you can share? Still on track for deployment before April this year?
Prioritized or not?

This will be a key factor for many people whether they stick to Accointing or need to use another service. The problem is more than just having to manually track all NFT trades. It gets multiplied as Accointing then doesn’t properly understand where the incoming funds come from which can have further repercussions on overall crypto taxes if I’ve understood correctly.

I’m also surprised that while this is ranked #2 in terms of most votes (going to feature requests and sorting by votes) the newsletter from Accointing community makes no mention of it, but has a bunch of other topics with status updates? Seems like something isn’t adding up? In any case confusing for me as a user.

Some more news would be greatly appreciated.


I agree 100%!
we are already in 2022 and if I cannot be sure this feature will be ready soon, I would need to find an alternative tool and get familiar with it right in time.

I will reply here when I have more news to share. I will tell our email guy about this one not being on the list.

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The topic was raised in Jan 2021 and needs to have a clear path to resolution.

This has real world implications for tax payers regardless of whether their respective governments think crypto is a scam or not…they still want their cut.

Hope this gets bumped in importance level soon.