Manual entry of tokens (those not listed on CoinmarketCap)

Are you referring to the custom token feature Matt - is this what you are saying has now been delayed until later 2022? I really hope not, being as it’s been ‘a few months away’ every time we ask about it.

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Yes, this is what has been delayed…

Why? You said someone was working on it and it was imminent, so how is it now delayed, and by so much time? It’s not even something particularly difficult to implement, and is vital to the functioning and tax reporting of most people’s portfolios?

I’ve spent around a month of my time ensuring all of my transactions are spot on and ready for tax reporting on the promise that this solution was to be here before year end. And now you just casually dismiss it in one pithy sentence with no explanation?

I am furious, you guys are essentially selling an unfinished product and stringing people like me on with false promises. What is the workaround for this? Presumably you have one so that all the people who have paid for the tax reporting and have spent so much time correcting and updating their transactions haven’t done so in vain?


I totally agree. I’ve literally spent weeks and weeks to fix my transactions beginning of the year and then I bought the tax report 2020. Now for the tax report of this year I absolutely would have needed the possibility to add custom tokens, as I did a lot of DeFi. I’m waiting for this “imminent” functionality since early this year, as otherwise the tool becomes useless for me. I personally gave up waiting and started rebuilding my transaction history with another product where you don’t have this limitation, and where I will purchase the tax report license once I’m finished. Good luck.

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What platform did you end up using, and was it a nightmare to transfer over all of the data? I’ll be asking for a refund and joining you if this isn’t sorted out quick.

i’m not as mad as these guys, but that is a real hoser. any explanation or “recommended” workaround for this? does this also mean that NFT functionality is on hold as well?

We plan to get it out before US tax season ends.

Accointing is a growing business and most Blockchain-based products are all in an early stage with a lack of standards and regulations. Think of it as if we are in the mid-90s compared to where the internet was. Amazon and Google looked like crap and their solutions did not work well yet. We are a growing company and we are happy to have you here with us. Thank you for being a good citizen and for paying your taxes!
We have set up this community board and a telegram group for support and bug reporting however we are only a small team and are hiring to make bug fixing, API management, and new features much quicker.
Accointing is sorry for the delay and for overpromising how fast we thought we could implement this feature. Maybe a shift in expectations helps. Think of it as being part of something that less than 5% of the world population is even aware of. Trading Crypto at a very early stage. Bitcoin is only 13 years old and the value of 1 Bitcoin increased from a few cents to thousands of dollars. Just let that sink in.
Kind regards

I really hope your product roadmap isn’t fully driven by the votes here. A product manager should be take the voting board as suggestions in prioritization.

There are things with more votes than this issue, but IMO, this issue would solve a LOT of problems for people across the board. Compared to adding RVN or Ronin, which only those users benefit, adding this feature can be used by anyone, to fill in gaps in that your product hasn’t built yet. This is a huge win/win, for you and your customers.

I hope this is prioritized properly!


Is there something that can easily be added to help us current users track our portfolios? for an nft purchase, for example, simply to have a classification that makes sense would be huge. if it was considered a “withdraw”, Accointing would effectively log the “selling of ETH” and account for this properly, and we would simply have to track our cost basis for the NFT and link it to the “receive” transaction with a gain. that would be HUGE. no need to actually show what NFTs are purchased, etc. we can do this in spreadsheets for the time being.

the same could be true of custom tokens. simple to acknowledge that they exist, be able to give them a name, track the transactions that purchase the token and receive funds from selling the token. I’m sure there’s more to this, but it seems that the current setup is very close to a relatively easy workaround, and would allow Accointing users to track the entirety of their portfolios within the software. it may not show accurate costs, but we could very easily see “xx qty of yy token” at a “NA” value in the overview list.

we already have to add wallets / transactions manually that you dont support yet. i think this “early” community understands these workarounds. we really just need the functionality to effectively “close the transaction loop” within the software. the automatic and “easy” option is not necessary for first implementation IMO

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Correct, Voting is not the only way we create priority and decisions, but it is a big influence.
This guy has an interesting workaround, but it is not suggested - No More Full Data Set Report Generated - #3 by gsblinkhorn

Marty, same problem here - could you let us know which product you prefer now? Thanks!

This makes your product absolutely unusable for correct tracking now.

We still have this issue in our plans, we are looking into adding Opensea’s API and others as well as looking into manual coins. Still looking into the best solutions. :slight_smile:

Manual token feature will be the best solution or at least NFT feature traded with currencies which are listed on CMC. Why is this so hard to implement? Just curious since I guess this feature will solve most people‘s problems with accointing.

Happy for feedback :slight_smile:

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You may be a growing business, but the fact is that you’re offering paid accounting services for crypto trading whilst not being able to deliver a very basic tenet of the service. And asking us to excuse you because it’s a growing industry doesn’t wash. Various other crypto tax platforms allow custom token addition so there’s no reason why you guys should not also have had this feature implemented a long time ago. Lack of preparation and foresight is the only reason I can see.

Essentially, anyone who trades any De-fi or NFT’s cannot use Accointing for tax calculations or portfolio tracking, which by my estimation is the majority of people in the crypto space.

Please confirm the official workaround (not the link you keep sharing whilst saying don’t do it), and the date you intend to have it implemented by in 2022. Otherwise I’ll be getting a refund and moving to Koinly or CoinTracking.


Suggestion: Solve it like they did in Koinly. There is no need to add a “add custom token” functionality. At transactional level, you just need to add the possibility to enter the historical value manually for tokens for which you don’t have that value.


thats the solution! please make this happen

Matt please can you respond to my questions asap, being as there’s, like, less than a month to the end of the year and I currently have no idea if Accointing can actually calculate my taxes? I paid for this service so it’s a big problem if not. There has to be a (valid) workaround for these unknown tokens.

We have some solution ideas and are working on some NFT integration as well as custom coins, please stand by :slight_smile:

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Yeah but when? That is my question. This topic has been running for almost a year and we’ve been constantly told ‘it’s imminent’ and then you suddenly say it will be ‘later in 2022’. I need to calculate my taxes for 2021 in less than a month’s time so need specifics, not vagaries.

Given your track record I can’t put my trust you guys when you say you’re ‘working on stuff’ and ‘stand by’, I need to know dates and solutions. If I don’t have these by mid next week I’m done with Accointing. I’ll be getting a refund and moving to Koinly, which I wish to god I had just done from the start.

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