Manual entry of tokens (those not listed on CoinmarketCap)

Viele User warten auf dieses Feature. Und wir warten schon zu lange darauf. In Deutschland muss die EkSt 2020 bis spätestens 31.10.21 abgegeben werden. Bis dahin benötige ich Custom Token unbedingt. Ich hoffe, Ihr schafft das bis dahin.


I really think this is appalling. For months there is no commitment to add manual entry of tokens. You say we should vote on it as a feature request. It is a critical error which means I cannot use the whole platform. I am currently maintaining a database outside of accointing and one on accointing. It would be really great to get some type of commitment and timeline on what this feature is and when it will be available. It would be great if i knew whether to continue to invest time with Accointing or if I need to use a different software to do my tax. Or maybe when people sign up you should warn them of this limitation before they go through the effort of setting up and maintianing accointing. All I have seen for months on end is ‘vote for it’ , ‘something will come at some point’ , ‘check back soon’ .


@rhen1988 I understand your frustration. We are limited on manpower, we are working on a manual adding of tokens now, thank you for your votes!
Our estimate time is 2 months to finish this, and it would also allow for NFT tracking :smiley:


I have this problem as well. A couple of now dead coins. But adding CoinGecko integration won’t fix that if they aren’t on CoinGecko anymore either. We need the ability to specifically add dead coins, not just not yet listed coins like the original poster said. I don’t even see a feature request for this anywhere.

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We have a solution for all this as well :slight_smile: We are working on it now.


@Matt , care to explain how it will function? I’m curious how you have specified this solution.

Looking forward to this integration. Playing around in the NFT space now, 2 months is a lifetime (NFT times are hyperspeed). I’m fortunate that I didn’t really start with NFTs until this year so no issues with tax and the two month wait is OK for me (albeit it will suck to have to go back and edit all NFT related data manually).

I hope it will be done in time for those who need it for their taxes for last year. :crossed_fingers:
Good luck team Accointing! I hope you get it working quickly. :muscle:

If I could request one thing, it is that you give a short update every week where you stand - even if there’s nothing to really report, just state that. That way, we can all see it’s still being worked on as feature addition. :pray:


We do monthly update via email :smiley:
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Sadly I am not supposed to say much about it just yet. But manual adding of non-supported coins will be added!


Then better not to. Don’t want the expectations to be impossible to fulfill. I’m happy to know it’s coming and cross my fingers it’s here soon! :slight_smile:


I am confused. Do I understand this correctly:

THIS FEATURE WILL ALLOW ME TO: Create a custom LP token that I can call whatever I want, lets say “EGLDMEX-LP” and give it a price at any given date?


This would be huge because LP-providing in Germany would be possible like this:

Lets say you get 25 LP-Tokens in exchange for 100 Token A and 200 Token B.

You could create a TokenATokenBLP token and when adding liquidity do like:

  1. Buy 12.5 TokenATokenBLP for 100 Token A
  2. Buy 12.5 TokenATokenBLP for 200 Token B

And later buy them back correctly, this should fix all my problems.


Here is another simple example, why custom tokens should be added and shouldnt need custom prices for liquidity pools:


10 Coin A and 10 Coin B (worth 10 dollars each) are put into LP. You get 1 LP.

In Accointing you create:

Buy 0.5 LP for 10 Coin A. (Accointing should be able to calculate, that 0.5 LP are worth 10$ * 10 Coin A * 0.5 = 50 Dollars)
Buy 0.5 LP for 10 Coin B. (Accointing should be able to calculate, that 0.5 LP are worth 10$ * 10 Coin B * 0.5 = 50 Dollars)

After one year you remove liquidty. Coin A + B are worth 20 dollars now.

In Accointing you create:

Sell 0.5 LP for 10 Coin A. (Accointing should be able to calculate, that 0.5 LP are worth 20$ * 10 Coin A * 0.5 = 100 Dollars)
Sell 0.5 LP for 10 Coin B. (Accointing should be able to calculate, that 0.5 LP are worth 20$ * 10 Coin B * 0.5 = 100 Dollars)

Accointing should know, that this sales profit is 100$


Is there a solution for this problem (old LINKPOOL Token to LPL Swap) I am sure we are not the only ones …

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Let’s wait for the update :slight_smile:

when is the update planed? :slight_smile:

It is on our roadmap