Manual entry of tokens (those not listed on CoinmarketCap)

Great suggestion and urgently needed. I wonder how people solved this problem until now?
If there is a custom token functionality we could use the token address from etherscan/bscscan/… and save it with the custom token. Whenever this token gets officially listed, Accointing could remind us that this token is now ready to switch over to the automatic tracking.

As long as the token is “custom” we are self responsible for the price data at the time of trades. This seems quite manageable for me.


A very good suggestion! I would appreciate that.


Also consider voting for this: Use CoinGecko API For Missing Currencies

I also wonder how people get around this issue! At the moment, no usable tax report is possible without having custom tokens.

I agree, with the custom token feature, the user is responsible for managing token price. Shouldn’t be any problem, since price is important at buy/sell action only.


+1 for this ability to manually add tokens.

Can we get this integrated as well within the desktop version. This way we can manually add the value of coins if it is different from CMC?

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Hi Matt, I hope this finds you well.
Do you know if there is any update on whether this feature request or the “Use Coingecko API for Missing Currencies” request have made the development roadmap?
Many thanks.

Hey @concrete-dish the ones with the most votes right now are priority. Here is the current list:

Awesome, looks promising for the CoinGecko integration. Many thanks!

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Would be very handy, yes. got my +1

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I think this one is important. I’d say there are quite a few of us out there who have at least a one “sh*t coin” that were purchased and the project is now dead. Would still like to claim these loses so definitely do not want to just ignore the transactions. Manual token entries would help to at least have balanced books.

You may also be able to use the manual data entry of users as another source of user coin support requests and possibly give users the ability to swap to a supported coin reference if/when they are added to the Accointing system.


Any ETA on the implementation of the manual token entry? I bought some WMT which are not listed yet and would at least like to have a placeholder where I can set the number of tokens and the price I bought them. :slight_smile:

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Hey guys, our resources are on other things right now, but it is on our roadmap :smiley:

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Consider voting for this as well:

Hi Matt, thanks for the reply, even though it’s not what I was hoping for. Can you maybe give us a rough estimate on where on the roadmap this feature is? Like, “We plan on implementing it this quarter/year” or “don’t get your hopes up, it’ll take us till 2023”? The absence of this option is kind of a dealbreaker for me. I put a lot of work into getting my dataset in order since I had to do a lot of stuff manually (import staking rewards for ADA, manually import transactions from Coinex because the API is not working, etc.). However, without this option, my tax report will be wrong at that’s the main reason I use your program. So if this option won’t come in the not-so-distant future, I’ll have to switch to another program, which I would like to avoid.


This request currently stands at #12 for the most votes. We are focusing on those with more votes first:

I had a request to be able to have another name for Wrapped Currencies. Here is an example of how this would be helpful.

  1. We wrapped ETH, so it is an unknown currency. We have a Transaction ID and Fee.
  2. We sync the missing currency to the value of ETH.
  3. We are unable to classify it as internal.

Solution: If we were able to create a custom token for it, or do enable this: Keep original names as an option when syncing unknown currencies then Wrappers would not be an issue.
Workaround: Ignore all transactions (Since wrapping is an internal transfer) and manually add another transaction for the price of the fee and classify it as a fee and add the transaction ID if desired.

Consider voting for this: Keep original names as an option when syncing unknown currencies - #4 by Matt

Hi Matt, can you guys at least confirm that being able to add a token manually will be incorporated at some point this year please? I’ve spent literally weeks going through all my transactions and making the required adjustments so that everything will be correct on my tax form, but if I am unable to manually add or update the few tokens I have that are not listed on CMC or CG, then it will all have been for nothing as my end of year tax calculation will be incorrect.

I realise you guys work on the vote system to decide what to work on first, but I can’t help but notice that a lot of the top voted requests all have available workarounds, whereas this issue has no workaround at all and is vital for tax to be calculated correctly.


A statement from Accointing:
“We have a solution planned for ALL of these unknown currency problems.”
I know it is vague, but that is all I can say.