Manual entry of tokens (those not listed on CoinmarketCap)

I understand that Accointing is only listing / entering tokens which are listed on CMC. However I own a couple of defi tokens which are not available but I need to account for in my tax return. How can I solve this problem or could you add a function to add a token (& update price on regular basis) manually?

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I have the same problem and would appreciate a manual function, because of course I have to document my trades and I have bought security tokens with Bitcoin … The BTCs are entered in the Accointing and appear in my wallet, but in reality I have they no longer


hey! thanks for the message, have added this to our roadmap :slightly_smiling_face:


that’s good news. Maybe consider switching from CMC to goingecko? those guys are way faster


Yes, this is also on our roadmap :slight_smile:


Will this feature come soon?

Depends what defines soon :slight_smile:
But yes its on our priority list.


Hi Alex,
I think a lot of users are waiting for the “Custom Tokens”. Is there anything new? Can you promise a point in time when this will be finished?


Hi Alex, can you provide us with insights on when approximately to expect this feature? Right now, some of us, including myself, are trading coins that are not listed on CMC, and not having a way to accurately and automatically track them defeats the purpose of the solution you are offering to your customers.
Thanks, A.


Hi all,

Its sadly not something that we will be seeing in May yet.

All the best

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Thanks Alex. When can we expect that?

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Great to hear about that upcoming feature - I need this in this season’s tax report. This is the last thing I need to switch from Cointracking.

Is there a way to circumvent the lack of tokens in accointing in the meantime?


Great suggestion and urgently needed. I wonder how people solved this problem until now?
If there is a custom token functionality we could use the token address from etherscan/bscscan/… and save it with the custom token. Whenever this token gets officially listed, Accointing could remind us that this token is now ready to switch over to the automatic tracking.

As long as the token is “custom” we are self responsible for the price data at the time of trades. This seems quite manageable for me.


A very good suggestion! I would appreciate that.


Also consider voting for this: Use CoinGecko API For Missing Currencies

I also wonder how people get around this issue! At the moment, no usable tax report is possible without having custom tokens.

I agree, with the custom token feature, the user is responsible for managing token price. Shouldn’t be any problem, since price is important at buy/sell action only.


+1 for this ability to manually add tokens.

Can we get this integrated as well within the desktop version. This way we can manually add the value of coins if it is different from CMC?

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Hi Matt, I hope this finds you well.
Do you know if there is any update on whether this feature request or the “Use Coingecko API for Missing Currencies” request have made the development roadmap?
Many thanks.

Hey @concrete-dish the ones with the most votes right now are priority. Here is the current list: