Make Internals more User-Friendly

Currently, there are 3 options for identifying and classifying internals.

  1. The system finds and does it automatically.
  2. Go to the review page and accept the internals
  3. Manually creating an internal and classifying any duplicated data as ignored.

Please read our article on Managing Your Internal Transactions.
After reading, feel free to vote if you want Accointing to come up with a more user-friendly way of doing it, and comment if you have a better idea to make identifying internals easier and more user-friendly.

If possible I highly suggest making it possible to edit an existing transaction as “internal”, and within that edit we can then simply add the target (or source) wallet / exchange.

The most tedious part of using Accointing (imo) is editing the date, so instead we could then just duplicate the transaction → make internal (staking / lending etc), and then ignore the original TX. Now we have to create an extra TX and enter the date manually.

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Another suggestion I have is to allow “swap” transactions to be detected on the review page.

Practically all transactions through API are detected as “swap”, meaning if we want to change those to a staking or LP wallet (using your suggested methods), requires unclassifying all those swaps by hand.

I can’t even work around that by uploading a .csv, unfortunately I have to got through all transactions by hand and click “unclassify”.

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You may be interested in voting for this then :slight_smile: Change "Swap" Classification To "Order" Type

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