Low Value Token Leading to €0.00 Einkaufswert and €0.00 Verkaufswert

Ich habe den NFD Token gekauft und mit 30% verlust verkauft.
Nachdem der Wert des token wohl zu niedrig ist (0,00054231USD) wird der Wert mit 0€ berrechnet.
Damit stimmt der Report nicht und der Verlust Beträgt nur die Transaktions Gebühr

Issue still exist, that low Price tokens are calculated wrong…
We are near to the end of the Year, and Win/loss should be right before paying taxes for them.

Is this your issue? VOTE for TRILLION token quantity

No my Issue is not the amount, it is the calculation of win/loss if a token is worth less then 0,01 USD or EUR.

For Example if i buy 10 coins for 0,001 USD ( a tenth of a cent) my cost should be 0,01 USD for all coins but instead the report shows an calculate 0,00 USD of cost.

for Example i buy 1 000 000 Coins for the price of 0,001 USD (my costs would be 1000 USD), and sell them for 2000 USD, the buy price is 0 USD and the profit is 0 USD.

So the report is calculating wrong prices and profits if the price of a token is lower then 1 cent. (0,01 USD)

In the frontend we commonly round prices (esp. fiat representation of values) to 2 digits. On the internal side, we keep a precision of 8 decimals though. This is relevant to for the tax calculation and is precise enough. For coin quantities and values, we currently have a maximum of 9999999999999.99999999