Long-Term Gains Table - for Tax Planning and Insight

I’d like to be able to see which assets I’ve owned for at least a year (with a count down for assets held less than that). Here in America (and many other places) if you own an asset, in this case a coin, for at least a year then when sold it’s considered a “long-term” gain and subject to much lower taxes. Where with short-term gains, the coins that are bought and sold within a year, are taxed as earned income.
Using the HIFO accounting method pushes profits into “unrealized” gains, that would already be taxable under FIFO. Those unrealized gains all have the potential to be “long-term” gains if held for a year and not otherwise sold during trading.
By being able to easily tell how much of a specific coin I’ve held the longest would make it easier to not trade away that tax advantage. It would also allow users to see which assets are currently considered “long-term” so when profits are being withdrawn we can chose to sell those that will have less of a tax burden.

You mean our Holding Period Feature? It’s available for free here: Accointing - Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracking & Tax Software