Long and short term holding messed up

I bought ETH in 2018, stored it on my ledger, sent some to Coinbase Pro to sell. Now it shows these ETH are short term holds. Why? And how can I change that?

  1. please follow this article: Internal Transactions - The Hub: Crypto and Bitcoin Tax Blog | ACCOINTING.com
  2. If you have already done this then, please send me a screenshot of your tax settings.
    (Click the person icon in the top right > Settings > Tax Settings)


I have registered all of my wallets and exchanges. It still can’t identify my ledger for instance. It says it’s an unknown user. But it’s clearly my ledger. Amount is even the same that went from ledger to coinbase pro. I don’t know what else to do. Here are my screenshots.

Thanks for your help.

I mean, what does the system not understand here? In the screenshot you see the 0.25 BTC went from my ledger to coinbase pro. When I try to classify it as internal transactiom, it brings me to the page of internat transactions, that appears to be empty. So how can I classify it as internal, if I don’t get the option to do so?

Thank you for your help

In this case, please see option #3 here and then classify the extra pieces as ignored, that should sort this out for your :slight_smile:

Please also comment about your frustration and how we could make it more user friendly :slight_smile:

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